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Brand Nu Funk

Brand Nu Funk is a Funk/Soul band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, consisting of Vlado Spisiak (Guitar/Vocals), Ruben Drenthe (Keys/Synth) Patrick Wiebers (Drums/Vocals), Delaney Nelom (Keytar/Synth/Vocals), Pieter Hoogervorst (Bass/Synth-bass/Vocals), Delano Felter (Lead Vocals).

The group formed through playing in several cover-bands in the Amsterdam live scene. The band members frequently met each other, playing in the Bourbon Street Jazz cafe in Amsterdam. Since then they played and sounded so well together and decided in 2017 to form a band and started writing and recording original songs as well. The mix of old-school Funk with a new-school twist plus a hint of soul and New Jack Swing R&B is their fresh take on music and represents a good counter movement on what is going on in the current music scene.

Brand Nu Funk is a band of quality musicians, that brings a mix of Funk, Soul, R&B, Electro and Pop to the stage that you seldom heard before.

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Delano Felter

Delano also goes by his stage name SoniQ and producer name SupaSoniQ. The S and the Q is written in capital letters because those are the initials of his son Shawn Quincy. Delano is no stranger in the Dutch R&B scene. At the age of 11 he started writing his own lyrics. In 1991 he started an R&B band together with his nephew and two friends (KéShaw). They were the first group from the mainland of Europe ever to be signed by the legendary Motown label.

After being in the group for 14 years he decided to embark on a new adventure. In the meantime he worked as a writer, backing vocalist, vocal arranger and producer with well known people nationally and internationally.. went to work in studios with artists such as Teddy Riley, Keith Sweatn Gyptian, Turbulence, The Good Girls, Def Rhymes, Edsilia Rombley, Postmen and many other artisits..
In 2017 Delano hooked up with a few friends he frequently played with in clubs around Amsterdam, mainly The Bourbon street, where they formed the band ‘Brand New Funk’

Pieter Hoogervorst

As a small boy, Pieter was actually already playing bass-lines on his guitar, so the move to the low end was eventually inevitable. He has been digging the Power of Pop, the Grooves of Funk, the Soul of Motown, and the mother of it all, the Roots of Jazz. As a result of that, you could say that he likes to be part of the groove-arena of a band. Especially the BNF one! Besides that, versatility in bass is what he is up to; playing bass guitar, double-bass and synth bass. The more powerful the boneshaking vibrations are, the happier he gets!

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Vlado Spisiak

He’s a guitarist, composer, arranger and guitar teacher based in Amsterdam. Before and since he has graduated at Utrecht Conservatory Being involved in various local, national and international music projects. Working as a session musician – pop, R&B, jazz, latin, and rock – with artists and bands, live, in recording studio’s and with music-theaters.
Now he is fully exited to work with the Brand Nu Funk family!

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Patrick Wiebers

Patrick Wiebers is a man of positive vibes. Rarely will you see this Eindhoven born drummer without a wide grin and obvious pleasure sitting behind his kit. Music’s his live and this passion was enkindled at a very young age.

Patrick grew up in Surinam, where he soon discovered the rhythmic sounds of Kawina music. It marked the starting point of a live filled with music. Beating the drums led to playing the guitar. The guitar to the bass, and from the bass back to the drums. At age fourteen, he was very sure: he was going to do what drummers such as Steve Gadd (Paul Simon / Steely Dan) and Dennis Chambers (Santana / Parliament / George Duke) did. Later, Tony Royster Jr. (En Vogue / Jay-Z) and Questlove (The Roots) would also join his list of inspirational figures. He made his first steps as a professional musician in gospel, playing with artists like Muriel Blijd, Uche Agu, Chy Kyra, Bergit Loïs, Pearl Josefzoon, Elvis E., Dwight Dissels. He made the transistion to pop with Cheyenne Toney, Jermaine Fleur, Emy Perez, Edsilia Rombley and Chaka Laisina, among others. Now, he drums in a vast variety of bands, such as Zwazi Soulsoup, New Power Revolution, One night stand band, Bag of Bones, Bashir Brothers, Soulsix, Coronas, Soul Shadows, Steffen Morrisson, TurboMonster, Chaka and Friends. Besides Jaxswing, Gintronix and Boombox and his own colabs as Patrick Wiebers & Friends. He also plays or has played with SoundsFunky, Datfunk, Soul Live, the New Power Revolution, The Squibs, One Love Band, Fearless, Enarise, Maestro Mikel and the Einzelgang, Re-Play under MD Ruben Drenthe(Maher Zain, Usher, Akon and many more). As a freelance drummer too you might see him play with different great musicians in the country and outside like Eric Lewis(NY), Franklin Batta(who played with Candy Dulfer), Mirza Tetaric, Elco Jongkind, Bobby Wall, Giovanka, David Dam, Big Boy Caprice, Sarah Jane Boss, Daisy van Lingen, Rosita Loth, Vivian and Ruben Tarmidi, Markus Mann, Frenkie McCoy, Delano Felter, etc etc.

Sweet Soul music has something intense that he can’t stay away from listening or playing it. Nothing but positive vibes and grooves..
He has that smile with the groove you will never forget!!

Delaney Nelom

Delaney studied jazz at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Utrecht and is only at the beginning of an already impressive career.
He played with great artists the Bimhuis, North Sea Jazz Club and Carré. Delaney is often a versatile keyboardist recognizable by his ‘keytar’. His style is mainly inspired by Robert Glasper and Cory Henry. With a slight preference for black music, he nevertheless plays everything: from gospel to classical music, from hip hop to rock, nothing is too crazy!

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Ruben Drenthe

Founder of the Hip Hop/R&B jam session as Lady Sings the Blues, Live on the Low, T.U.A, Ruben has had the opportunity to work with some of Netherlands most talented artists. Artists such as Ali B, Lange Frans have been regular participants in Rubens sessions. Ruben is also musical director for the musical ‘A Mother’s Cry’ and ‘Big, Black & Beautiful’. Ruben has performed with (among others): Brace, Lange Frans ,The Jackson Singers, Gio, Glennis Grace, Hind, Brown Hill, Jenny Lane, Tim Wes, Gcool & The Brothers, Kim Burrell, Asma Lmnwar, Saad Lamjarred, Candy Dulfer, Maher Zain & Akon.


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